Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Stuff

As many of you know, each year I try to grow a little by doing new things. I try to do one new thing for each year of my life. Here is the list from my 30th year. What have you been doing to challenge yourself?

1. Read the Old Testament cover to cover
2. Knit a hat, fingerless gloves, and a sweater
3. Heard Hilary Hahn play her violin live with the Utah Symphony
4. Traveled to Turkey and Asia
5. Visited a mosque
6. Toured the famous Hagia Sophia
7. Bought a black truffle and cooked with it
8. Finally moved to the intermediate level of my Pimsleur Spanish study
9. Ran the Halloween Half Marathon with a 10 minute personal record
10.Cancelled our cable in favor of just Netflix and Hulu
11. Swam with Dolphins off the shore of Honolulu
12. Pulled off planning my first ward Christmas party
13. Threw up on an airplane
14. Had a Bunny predict my fortune (This is a popular tourist thing in Turkey)
15. Started doing hill training as part of my regular running routine
16. Visited Old Town San Diego and Coronado Island
17. Read 54 books in one year
18. Started running with a training partner
19. Learned how to do a rib stitch, cables, mattress stitch, sewn bind-off, kitchener, blocking and how to read a knitting pattern.
20. Started a pre-school co-op with a few other mother friends.
21. Saw Hansel and Gretal the Opera
22. Used a Bidet
23. Ate Turkish delight, fried muscles, authentic Baklava, and Lotkma
24. Partied with Gabe at a famous Vegas night club overlooking the strip
25. Played and won my first black jack game in a casino
26. Saw David Copperfield and he made me "disappear" as part of his grand finale.
27. Learned how to play Texas Hold 'Em
28. Got on a road bike
29. Pet a baby llama
30. Ran the Park City Half Marathon