Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Love the Mountains, I Love the Rolling Hills!

I am often surprised by the fact that I have lived in Utah nearly all of my life and I still feel like there thousands of places in the state left to discover. Here are some pictures from a lovely little Mommy-Daughter hike to Doughnut Falls that I took with Persy and my friend Megan. The fall leaves were just beginning to change and the drive up the canyon was quite stunning.

Megan and her cuties- I'm lucky to have an adventurous friend that will do such fun things with me. This is one of the same friends that traveled throughout Europe with me before we both got married. We are constantly planning excursions and expeditions that we want to go on when we are little old ladies.

The kids all loved tossing rocks into the water!

I love my Kelty backpack! I also use it around the city to do errands.

San Diego Beach, Utah Attire

I really love this picture of Gabe and Persy! Notice the long sleeve shirt and pants. He's not wearing a wet suit, he is wearing the clothes that he planned for the plane ride home after our few hours at the beach. He didn't let the absence of a swimsuit destroy his fun, he just dove right into the ocean pants and all! (Don't worry, he dried off in time for the flight.)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

San Diego's Wild Animal Park

For my birthday, Gabe planned a family trip to San Diego. The first day of vacation we went to the Wild Animal Park. It was an impressive park where you could see lions, giraffes, elephants and other wild animals in a more natural preserve type setting. We had fun, but we were all so stinking hot that we felt like we might faint and found ourselves shelling out cash for touristy little spray bottle fans and overpriced ice cream. I hope I can go back some day when the temperatures are more reasonable.

The best part was the safari type tour where we got to see giraffes roaming around and eating from trees.

Petting the Very Tame Deer

Cabin Getaway and Henna Too

Few things bring me greater joy in life than spending time with dear friends. (Right now the only thing I can think of to top that list would be spending time with my family.) I feel so blessed to have friends that I can rely on for soulful conversation, friends that helped when I moved, friends that I can count on to help watch Persephone on occasion, friends that are loyal and love me with all of my flaws. Here are some pictures from a fun overnight cabin trip with two of my closest friends that I have known for nearly a lifetime.

We applied henna art in the evening and then wrapped it in tissue to dry overnight. We were all pleased with the finishing masterpieces that lasted a couple of weeks.

Breakfast at Road Island Diner

The lovable Julia and Megan

We all jumped in a cold mountain lake the next morning. Julia was the only brave enough soul to keep swimming long after Meg and I rushed for our towels.

Pre-lake Smiles

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pop Quiz!

How old am I really? I just read my last post and there's one problem. I wasn't 27 last year, I was 28 and now I am 29! Where did that missing year go? I think I am in denial over the upcoming 30. It's funny that I am already losing track of my age. In the words of Mark Twain, "Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

So here is one more "first" to keep score with my real age:

* Held a starfish

Friday, September 11, 2009

27 Things

Here is a list of 27 "Firsts" from my 27th Year:

1. Swam with sharks in Hawaii
2. Finalized adoption

3. Had Pesephone sealed to our family
4. Saw "Madame Butterfly"
5. Took Persy on her first airplane ride (repeated this 4 more times during the year-including one mommy-Persy solo trip)
6. Learned to knit and made a scarf
7. Dipped chocolates
8. Ate a maple bacon bar at the famous "Voodoo Donuts" in Portland
9. Visited the world's largest bookstore
10. Celebrated my first Christmas outside of Utah while on vacation in Hawaii
11. Heard Mozart's "Requiem"
12. Tasted Vietnamese food
13. Drank boba, or bubble tea
14. Visited Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg
15. Ate fois gras
16. Rode "The Griffon" at Busch Gardens
17. Took an on-line opera appreciation course
18. Planted my first garden
19. Toured a Southern plantation
20. Got a Costco membership
21. Went to a movie by myself
22. Ran my longest distance ever- 16 miles
23. Got a clue about the Revolutionary War by studying Gordon Wood's award winning book
24. Took a course on Ancient Egypt
25. Visited San Diego's Wild Animal Park
26. Spent the night at Primary Children's Hospital with a sick daughter
27. Saw "Don Pasquale"

Here's to another great year . . .

Last Days of Summer