Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Road Trip Pictures

Road Trip

Last weekend, Gabe and I took a trip up to West Yellowstone with his sister Jenn and her husband Jim. We stayed in a cabin and went Nordic skiing. It was our first time x-country skiing and we had a blast!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

57 More Superheroes!!

I hope the world is ready for 57 additional superheroes! This week I have done a "Superhero" story time at the library that is turning out to be a favorite. I start by donning my own superhero cape and inviting the kids to "Superhero Academy.” In order to graduate from the academy they must learn all the important skills of a real superhero! We read books and do superhero exercises and muscle poses, (because superheroes have to be in top shape to fit into their tight suits!) After all the books, singing, and dancing they are ready to take the superhero pledge which is, "I promise to only do good with my Superhero Powers!" Upon "graduating" from the academy I give each of the kids their very own red cape cut out of plastic table covers. We fly around the room to the "Superman" soundtrack and everyone leaves excited and happy. I knew this story time was a winner when I had one mother shyly asked me for a second cape at the end of story time, so that her husband and son could play superheroes together. Having the privilege to do story time is one of the best things about my job as a librarian.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Funny things patrons do

One of the reasons I enjoy being a librarian is that I honestly love people. Most of the patrons where I work are pleasant and fun to be around, but I am always amused at some of the requests that they make! Today, we had a patron bring in a book that was overdue and she lamented to a fellow employee that she just wasn't done yet. "I'm sorry," my co-worker replied, "but this item has a hold on it and cannot be renewed."

The patron was upset, "Well, can't you just call the person that placed the hold and ask them to remove their request? I'm sure they'd understand if you tell them that I really need the book." Oh, well then, if you really need it . . . . :)