Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 illogical fears that I have

1. Being stuck in a dentist chair with a Doctor who has nasal drip
2. Plugging up the toilet when I use someone else's restroom and then discovering that the bathroom has no plunger
3. Flu-like symptoms that lead to a rare and deadly disease
4. Spiders crawling into my mouth when I sleep
5. Sending an intimate text message to the wrong person
6. The fear that I've signed up for a college level math class and I just forgot to attend or drop the course and then have to learn ALL of the material the night before the final
7. Accidentally getting wrapped up with the mafia
8. My car exploding because I have too much static electricity when I go to pump gas
9. Meat that has been undercooked
10. The fear that I'll forget to lock the bathroom door on a flight and be publicly exposed


Benson's said...

Those are hilarious. Me too on all of those things:) How is Gabe's job going? We can't wait to be in SLC. We should meet up for dinner or something when we get there!

Himni said...

That was great--I guess I should make one of those. I can say #2 and #8 right now for sure.

Himni said...

Wendy--I've got my irrational fears up for all to see:

Does posting them for public ridicule help one overcome them?