Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fire Update

After spending half the day without water yesterday, our water is back on. We still aren't sure how the apartment fire started. We do know that it happened on a deck, so it could have been a cigaret butt. I spoke with our neighbor about the evacuation, and he couldn't believe that we had slept through everything. He told me that our building was barricaded and people were scurrying in and out carrying boxes of personal possessions! They've set up a red cross station at our ward for those without a home, so we will be meeting at another chapel this Sunday.


KingM said...

I read about it in the Tribune. Hard to believe you guys slept right through all the pounding, crowds, and fire engines. Glad you're okay, though.

Benson's said...

That is so sad and scary. I can't imagine just loosing all my stuff all of a sudden! Poor people:(

Autumn said...

Wow that is very scary. I am so glad you are okay.