Monday, January 12, 2009

Beating the Winter Blahs . . . .

Let's face it. Winter is NOT my favorite season and come October, I begin to dread the 5 months of cold weather and ice that inevitably leave me with the winter blahs. Whenever I begin to feel like Anne Frank trapped in "The Annex," then I know it is time to get proactive about staying cheery during this coldest of seasons. Here is my plan:

Get Outside, No Matter What: If the weather is warm enough to keep us from getting frost bite, we go outside! It makes a difference not only in how I feel, but also in how Persephone feels. When we spend at least 10 minutes outdoors she seems like a happier baby throughout the day. I also try to plan a little "field trip" each week to visit someplace interesting. This week I am going to a Book Baby program that the library offers with one of my good friends.

Exercise: At least 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week does a body good.

Socialize: Being a mom can sometimes feel a little isolating. I really try to plan a week filled with at least a few social activities to look forward to. Being around friends and family really energizes me. I e-mail, facebook, book club, play group, etc. to feel like I am connected with others.

Set Goals, Work on Projects, Plan the Day the Night Before: I love to-do lists! When I have goals and to-do lists I feel like my day has structure and purpose.

Remember that after Winter comes Spring: Every year I dramatically declare to Gabe, "This is the LONGEST winter of my life!!!" He just laughs and reminds me that at least we no longer live in the frozen tundra known as Syracuse, New York. When worse comes to worse, I just plan what I want to do when it becomes Spring and Summer again. Winter never lasts forever, (not even in Narnia! :)

So, what do you do to avoid the winter blahs? I would love your ideas!


Missy said...

HAha, I wish I knew. Going on walks with the promise of hot chocolate seems to help. Love all the literary references :)

Minda said...

Well, in my case, I enjoy watching the inn's bank account grow, but I realize that doesn't work for most people.

It also helps me when I just embrace winter. Enjoy the beauty, peace, and stillness of the world during a heavy snow fall. Curl up on the couch with a good book or a good movie. Appreciate the symbolism of apparent death preceding great growth.

Himni said...

Exercise helps for me, too. I've started anew this year with the elliptical machine. Read books. Come visit us (we'd come up there, but R would destroy your place in under five minutes). Get a house plant; I keep one in my office.

Jord said...

Visit a warm climate. You're welcome down any time!

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dc said...

Come down to see us for a few days. You can go to the gym, enjoy the view of the snow from the hot tub, watch chick flicks, learn to crochet and go see Rebecca.

Steph said...

Or come see me! I must live a few blocks away from you and I keep thinking how sad it is that I haven't seen you yet! We also have a zoo membership if you want to come along for free some day that it's a little warm.