Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby Blessing

Gabe gave Persephone a blessing in church on Sunday. He blessed her that she would come to know her Heavenly Father and that she would always be able to look to her parents for advice. We were pleased to have several of our family members present at the event.

(Doesn't she look like a porcelain doll in this picture?)

My brother and his family also attended, but snuck out before any pictures.


Missy said...

She looks beautiful in her blessing dress! What a wonderful day for your family :)

Eric and Elizabeth said...

I have loved being able to be apart of Persephone's journey from a distance. I think it is wonderful you were able to have her blessed. I can't help but think what a blessing she is for you and what a huge blessing you are for her. She is a beautiful baby. I am just so happy for you!!!!

Autumn said...

She does look like a porcelain doll! So precious. It's so wonderful for loving dads to give their little babies blessings. I'm sure it was beautiful.

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