Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More fun with Medicine

Another trip to the Emergency Room with the little goddess. Saturday, Persy had a runny nose and was beginning to have trouble breathing. I drover her to InstaCare, and by the time I arrived she was even worse. They did a couple of tests and then told me I needed to drive directly to Primary Children's Hospital. It was quite scary because I was by myself and could only look through the rear view mirror and see her chest heaving up and down as she moaned. It seemed a very long drive even though it probably took just 15 minutes.

She was admitted overnight to the hospital with all sorts of tubes and treatments: oxygen, steroids, nebulizer treatments, IVs etc. I was really impressed with all of the hospital staff and how sweet they were with her and how good they were at explaining things to us and answering questions. It was a long couple of days. She was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis again. I'm really starting to think that we've got an asthma situation on our hands, but they just don't diagnose asthma this young.

Anyhow, just writing this is making me feel exhausted and anxious all over again. I'm happy to report that Persy is now doing much better.