Sunday, February 14, 2010

Crazy Coba

Our last day in Mexico, Gabe went scuba diving in some cenotes and on a whim I signed Persy and I up for a tour to Coba. The concierge did a terrible job describing the tour and I was already on the bus far from the hotel before the tour guide informed us that this was a fourteen hour tour with multiple adventure stops! (Not exactly the news you want to hear when traveling internationally and alone with a temperamental toddler.) We somehow survived the napless day and I am glad that I got to see some of these incredible sites.

At the Cenote- We put our feet in and splashed about to cool down a bit. It felt like a sauna in there.

Steep Stairs at the pyramid at Coba, (I didn't attempt the uneven and dangerous climb with Persy.)

This picture says so much - check out Persy's scowling eyes. She is not happy to be in the carrier right now and wants to get out and jump off the rocks. I wish I knew how to photo shop out that lame bikini chick that stepped into this, and several other shots that I took. She had the right idea though, it was incredibly humid and hot touring around Coba.

This was the worse moment of the day- Persy had just thrown up a full juice box all over herself and her carrier. I splashed water on her head to cool her down and then let her explore a bit. She kept wanting to jump off rocks and I reached over to stop her and tell her "No!" when she gave me a sly look and jumped full force right into my mouth. I had a fat, bloody lip for the rest of they day. After that naughty and hectic moment our day got much better.

Our last stop on the tour was a large group of impressive caves deep in the jungle. I kept having to take the backpack off to stoop under low entrances in the cavern. I'm very grateful for all the help the other tour members gave to me. We ended up becoming friendly with most of the people on our tour because traveling with kids is such an ice breaker.
The caves had millions of stalactites and stalagmites. Some of the caverns were filled with water. Persy was fascinated and wide-eyed in the caves. When we left the caves we saw wild monkeys in the trees! We also saw alligators while driving through a swamp area earlier in the day. I was thrilled!


Kirsten said...

What an adventure you and Percy went on! Way to make the most of an unexpected day trip. You're my kind of girl.

Missy said...

Haha! I'm happy you survived the 14 hours, what a crazy adventure :) Great having lunch with you, hopefully it will happen again soon!