Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paperwork and Prayers

We just finished up the paperwork towards getting approval for another adoption. Gabe and I both had our interviews with the case worker this week and I couldn't even talk about our previous adoption without getting all mushy and choked up. Honestly, adopting Persephone has been the greatest blessing of our marriage. We are both madly in love with this little girl and when I think about Persy's birth mother I am filled with profound gratitude and awe. We have begun to pray earnestly that another child might come to our family. Wish us luck!


Missy said...

You and Gabe are such wonderfully attentive parents, I hope you get that second blessing soon.
My thoughts and prayers are with you :) Good Luck!

eric + ashlee said...

Congratulations! We'll be praying that your next child comes soon. One thing that is so fun about a second child is that you'll get to see Persy as a sister. I'm sure she'll be a sweet one. Good luck!

Jord said...

Best of luck Wendy! You are a great mother and I know you will bless the life of another child so much.

It's Miller Time said...

How exciting for your family! We can't wait for the happy news, we will be praying for it!

si tu veux said...

More than luck. Love and prayers!

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