Thursday, March 21, 2013

Beautiful Mexico

 Mexico is one of our favorite countries to visit.  It is romantic, charming, has gorgeous beaches, friendly people and is filled with excellent food!  Last week we were in Puerto Vallarta with friends.

Our dear friends and travel companions.  Favorite activities on the trip included zip lining in the jungle, scuba diving at Los Arcos, and just exploring the local culture.  We also did a LOT of swimming at the pool and playing on the beach.

 Persy and her friend, Luke.  It was so fun to hear these two speaking Spanish with the locals and to see that her time at the Spanish immersion preschool is paying off!  After this trip, I am even more committed to helping her become bi-lingual. 

 We were fortunate to stay at a stunning beach side resort thanks to the generosity of my folks.
Persy and Gabe exploring this charming city.  We ate at tasty local taco joints every single day.  Mmmm, I love tacos al pastor and pozole! 
 I came home with a dozen sunset pictures.  We stood on our balcony and were stunned by the spectacle each evening. 


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Chintan said...

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Farhan Gul said...

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Yeah, beautiful place and lovely kids...

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