Saturday, May 10, 2008

Adoption Update!

It has been an exciting and eventful week for our family. On Monday, we got a rather mysterious call from our case worker, Kim, asking us to come down to LDS Family services to sign some paperwork. She kept stressing the importance that we both come together and Gabe and I had the suspicion that this might just be “the call.”
When we arrived at Kim’s office there was a basket full of diapers, baby wipes and lotion and Kim told us that there was a birth mother who had chosen us for her baby! The birth mother is due the first part of June and has opted for a closed adoption at this point, so we really don’t know too much about her. We know that she is a single mother in her thirties with two young girls at home. We also know that she and the birth father are Caucasian and we have been given a profile on her medical background. She hasn’t had much prenatal care during her pregnancy, so we don’t know the sex of the child. She is scheduled for an ultra-sound next week and we hope to hear that the baby is healthy. (We’re excited to find out the sex, but could care less as to whether we get a boy or a girl.)
It was really exciting to get all this information and I left the office feeling a great peace and joy. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to this loving woman who has chosen us for her child. I’m amazed that this stranger is willing to give us such a gift. I am also overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord and his love for us and this baby.
The rest of the week has been rather emotional for both Gabe and I. We vacillate between joy, excitement, fear, and panic. We are terrified that the birth mother will change her mind and choose to keep the baby. This is a distinct possibility until the paperwork gets signed after the birth of the child. There has also been very little sleep this week, (for me anyway, Gabe seems able to sleep through anything!) It is really hard to believe that in just a couple of weeks we could have an infant in our home! We have SO MUCH to do to get ready!


KingM said...

Congratulations. You guys will be great parents.

Himni said...

I was so excited to get your call! I can't imagine the emotions you two must have been feeling. You guys will do great with a baby, and we're praying everything goes through smoothly.


Benson's said...

You guys I almost cried becasue I think you guys will be the most loving and best parents ever. Congrats and I hope everything works out perfect:) We will be there on Monday. I can't wait ot see you guys!! Love ya

Ericka said...

Wow, congratulations, I think about you guys a lot and have wondered what is going on with the adoption process and I am sooo happy to hear that you are going to be parents! You'll make great ones!

The Miller Family said...

We are SO excited for you guys! We will keep you in our prayers that everything goes well and that your new bundle will be healthy. Try to get some sleep now because you (and by you I mean just you Wendy,; I think all husbands have a great talent for sleeping through anything) will not have a good nights sleep for like 18 years. Let us know if we can do anything to help!

anya* said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. i am so excited for you and your family! adoption is such a roller coaster, as i am sure you and gabe are fully of aware of since you are in the 'thick' of it. i will be praying the birth mother continues to be at peace about her decision, and that you can have peace as i am sure you are so overwhelmed with questions of 'what if'. can't wait to check back in and see how things are progressing!