Sunday, June 22, 2008

There's a First Time for Everything

It's hard to believe that Persephone is already just over one week old. It has been an amazing week of firsts.

First Bath: She HATED it and screamed her head off. We quit half-way through because we couldn't stand to see her so upset. The next bath went much better.

First walk at Liberty Park.

One Happy Mom

Content Little Darling


Ben and Missy said...

She is so pretty! So much hair :) We want to come see her... could we bring you dinner or something?
facebook me :)

Benson's said...

She is so beautiful!! I am glad you guys are so happy:)

Stephanie Ford said...


Congratulations! She is so perfect! I'm moving to Sugarhouse today and was going to email you our information and see if you guys were available to help but nevermind! You are doing much more important things! (this is your cousin Stephanie (Borup) Ford by-the-way, I hope you don't mind my mom passing along your information). I can't wait to see you soon!


JN said...

I was so thrilled to receive your email about your new baby girl :) You two look like happy parents! I am actually visiting in Utah right now. Congrats again and again from our family!!

Jenn Nicholls

Himni said...

Great pics, sis. I'm glad we were able to come by and see her last week. Hopefully, you'll come down this way soon, since your apartment is in constant jeopardy with our four kids roaming around it...

Ericka said...

I just love the picture of her all wrapped up in a blanket. She is so pretty.