Monday, June 30, 2008

The Routine

I've been trying to get Persy on a 2 and 1/2 hour daytime feeding routine with somewhat laughable results. The feeding is going well, but the naps are sporadic and unpredictable. We are all exhausted!

Peace at Last

Cute but Sad

Not the best one of Gabe, but check out Persy's sneaky eyes!


Ericka said...

I love it when they are so little they will just mold to your body when you snuggle them! And then they grow up and don't want to be held and snuggled! Looking at your pictures of Persephone makes me excited for Charlie to get here! She is a cutie!

Benson's said...

How cute in her little dress. I love it. The kids and I just sat and looked at her pictures and Will said "she is so cute!" schedules are tricky. Your efforts will pay off soon I am sure. Do they need any help with anything for your shower? Did you guys have fun at IKEA?? Sorry we couldn't go:(