Monday, November 17, 2008

8 Things . . .

8 TV Shows I Watch
(8 is a lot! There are only a few that I watch practically every episode.)
1. Man vs. Wild
2. The Office ****
3. Mythbusters
4. John and Kate plus 8 ****
5. House Hunters
6. The Amazing Race ****
7. Oprah (I'm strangely ashamed to admit that I fit this stereotype. I don't tune in religiously, but I do watch on occasion.)
8. What Not to Wear

8 Restaurants I like
1. Elizabeth's Bakery and Tea Shop
2. Docetti's Gelato
3. The Mikado
4. Bombay House
5. Mazza
6. P.F. Chang's
7. The Bakery - real name!
8. Art City Trolley

8 Things that happened yesterday
1. Drove to Logan for a surprise visit with the in-laws
2. Had interesting conversations in the car with Gabe
3. Finished folding laundry
4. Put away laundry
5. Read "Good Night Moon" three times
6. Tried to make creme brule with Gabe, but it didn't turn out
7. Visited Grandma White
8. Listened to David Sedaris audio book

8 Things I'm looking forward to
1. Christmas in Hawaii
2. The Midnight movie of "Twilight" with Rebecca
3. Finalizing our adoption
4. No more student loan payments
5. Making cookies/forts/crafts etc. with Persephone someday
6. Becoming a world class fiddle player (who knows? I may have a secret talent and all that is missing are the lessons!)
7. Deep fried Turkey on Thanksgiving
8. Buying a home

8 Things on my wish list
1. My own washer and dryer
2. A Super hero outfit that really works
3. A life-time supply of Ferro Rocher chocolate
4. Snazzy sun glasses
5. A shopping spree at "Anthropologie"
6. My own vegetable garden
7. A personal chef
8. 1000 years to sleep

8 Things I love
1. My Family
2. Sharing a pint of Ben and Jerry's
3. Digging my toes into the sand
4. The sound of the dish washer
5. Hazelnut Gelato
6. When a long and stressful day finally comes to an end
7. The scalp massage you get when you have a hair cut
8. Baby giggles

8 Things I can't stand
1. The DMV
2. Rude behavior
3. Driving in the snow
4. Getting on the scale after a particularly festive weekend or vacation
(That's all I can think of right now. I'm in a pretty good mood!)

8 People I tag . . . Whoever wants to do it!


Hannah said...

How fun to read about you! Your daughter is adorable and you look like very happy parents!

Ericka said...

Have you ever eaten at the Soup Kitchen? Oh my goodness, I LOVE that is in Sugarhouse, you should look it up!! So fun to read about you! Percy is such a pretty baby...and still so petite! My son is a porker and has rolls all over him!!