Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cabin Getaway and Henna Too

Few things bring me greater joy in life than spending time with dear friends. (Right now the only thing I can think of to top that list would be spending time with my family.) I feel so blessed to have friends that I can rely on for soulful conversation, friends that helped when I moved, friends that I can count on to help watch Persephone on occasion, friends that are loyal and love me with all of my flaws. Here are some pictures from a fun overnight cabin trip with two of my closest friends that I have known for nearly a lifetime.

We applied henna art in the evening and then wrapped it in tissue to dry overnight. We were all pleased with the finishing masterpieces that lasted a couple of weeks.

Breakfast at Road Island Diner

The lovable Julia and Megan

We all jumped in a cold mountain lake the next morning. Julia was the only brave enough soul to keep swimming long after Meg and I rushed for our towels.

Pre-lake Smiles

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