Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge

We've been participating in The Great Outdoor Challenge this month. The goal is to get outside every day, regardless of the weather and take a picture. Going outside isn't a challenge for us, but remembering my camera and taking decent pictures is a different story. One of my personal goals is to make it outside with Persy every single day and we pretty much keep that commitment unless winter air quality has us home bound. I think spending time in nature is vital for both children and adults. It has such an impact on our physical and emotional health and is the perfect playground and classroom for young children.

Ant and bug observation is very popular right now. Persy poked at these ants and then bent down to give them an enthusiastic kiss before I could stop her.

Feeding the Ducks

In Our Community Garden: We are getting ready to join with two other families to plant a scrumptious garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, beets and other healthy fare.

Persy proves that learning can happen anywhere and nature can be found even on a small apartment balcony. We had a little discussion about grass since she is so fascinated by the gardeners who come to mow the lawn.

A Beautiful Spring Sunday Walk in Our Neighborhood


The Miller Family said...

I miss the old neighborhood! Your pictures take me back to when it was just me and Izzy doing some of the same things when we lived there.

Missy said...

Persy is so pretty! Going outside everyday is my goal too. Otherwise I start to go completely stir crazy.

Jord said...

That is a great idea. I will do the same thing until the weather keeps us in! Good luck with the garden too.