Monday, August 30, 2010

Twenty-Nine Things

If you've followed our blog, you may have noticed that several years ago I started trying to do one new thing for each year of my age. It's just a fun way to make sure that I continue to grow each year and see new things. This is my last week to be twenty-nine, so here is a list of what this year of life has brought me:

1. Ran my first marathon
2. Saw a baby elephant nursing with its mother
3. Heard Beethoven's 5th Live
4. Went Snorkeling off the coast of St. Thomas
5. Made my first cheesecake
6. Mastered the one-handed egg crack
7. Tried out new hikes to Doughnut Falls, Hidden Falls, and Cecret Lake
8. Ate Sudanese Food
9. Drove a rental car
10. Learned how to thread my own sewing machine and made bean bags and pajama pants
11. Flew International with a child
12. Finally read "A Christmas Carol"
13. Visited new Salt Lake City landmarks: Red Butte Garden, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and Discovery Gateway
14. Ate Somali Food
15. Started doing Zumba dance classes
16. Saw monkeys in the wild
17. Swam in an underground cenote
18.Went to a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy concert
19. Went to Holi Festival
20. Shared my adoption story with high school students
21. Went to an Estate sale
22. Ate Conch
23. Watched a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis
24. Improved my knitting by learning how to increase, decrease, and purl stitch
25. Went to Coba
26. Toured through caves in the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico
27. Painted my own pottery
28. Went to Ogden's Treehouse Museum
29. Ran the famous Canyonlands Half-Marathon and beat my previous half-marathon time by a full 25 minutes.

Alright, so now it's your turn to help me out. As I approach the big 3-0 I'd love to hear your ideas for things to try this next year!


Kirsten said...

How about visit Buenos Aires and learn to tango! I know of a great place you can stay that offers free room and board! Plus it is beautiful here.

dc said...

Wow! So many things. It will be awfully hard to beat that list next year.

Missy said...

Great post, I love your life long learning attitude! You always manage to fit a lot in just one year.

Autumn said...

Well this list TOTALLY blew mine (if I even had one) out of the water. I admire how adventuresome you are. Can I be like you some day?

Minda said...

Go to Ireland with me? My trip this year morphed into something else, so it's still on my To Do list.

eric + ashlee said...

Twenty-five minutes? That's amazing! I love the scale of things you list; from a one-handed egg crack to swimming in an underground cenote. You really know how to appreciate the finest details of life!

Jord said...

That is an impressive list Wendy! I am totally taking inspiration from this to make my own.

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