Tuesday, September 7, 2010


First Day of Preschool today! A couple of amazing mom friends and I are doing a preschool co-op one day a week this year and Persy will be attending. She ran right into the home "classroom" without a good-bye to her mom and had a major meltdown when I came to pick her up and take her home. I guess that's a good sign, (even if it breaks my heart just a little.)


dc said...

None of mine clung to me when they started preschool or kindergarten. I think that means they were all secure and well adjusted. But I know what you mean when you are tempted to wish for a little sorrow at leaving you!

The Miller Family said...

I'm so glad that it went well. Could she be any cuter in her little backpack?

Eric and Elizabeth said...

What a cute preschooler!