Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tchaikovsky and Children

Gabe and I enjoyed a romantic date to the symphony last night to hear Tchaikovsky's piano concerto no. 1. This is one of my favorite pieces and I love to play it in the car. Persephone calls it the "Thunder and Lightening Song" because of the dramatic opening. I found myself listening to the piece in rapture as the superb soloist effortlessly played, and I began to get excited about taking Persy with us to the symphony some day. (The pianist performing was only 17 and had played his first recital at age 4. I can't even imagine Persy sitting still for that long, let alone practicing the piano right now. Apparently we are really slacking as parents! ;) When the 2nd movement began, I started to feel a strong emotional pull toward the next little baby that we hope to have come to our home. I have no idea how long this adoption will take, but I feel like I am being prepared to open my heart for another child. It amazes me that what I struggle to express in writing, Tchaikovsky seemed to express magically in his music.


si tu veux said...

Wendy, beautifully expressed. In my hopes and prayers a little someone is on their way. Bless you. And you are a wonderful mother. Persy is lucky to have such an elegant graceful mother. I adore you all! Thanks for sharing.


Learn Speaking English said...

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Pixie Moongazer said...

Is Persephone adopted too? What lucky children to be chosen and brought into a loving, happy family.