Monday, May 14, 2012

A Week in Pictures

 My Pigtailed Cutie before her Preschool Picnic
 Goofing off with "Daddy-G"
 Attending a Fairy Garden Birthday Party
 Spending Every free minute in the park and enjoying the sunshine.
 Glow sticks in the bath = Magical Fun
Hiking Season Begins with Persy and Friends


Jeffrey said...

I hope we take such pictures of us every decade of our lives, hopefully in the future - in even more exotic locales! The "engagement picture" must live on! (Giggle, giggle - remember that picture from Switzerland?)

Daniel Carr said...

Persy just keeps getting cuter. Can't wait to see her (and you) next month!

Batangala said...

Hello from the Philippines. We're also a family of three. Our daughter, Gabrielle (whom we nicknamed Angel), is already 10 years old now and seems to be in a hurry to grow up. We're hoping it would be later and not sooner, ha ha ha.

We also love travelling and try to post our travels around the country. Soon, we will be visiting our neigbors, Singapore and Malaysia.

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