Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our first day in Virginia we went to Norfolk Botanical Gardens. I would have loved to spend an entire day strolling the grounds with a good book or a bit of poetry.

A sweet moment captured between my mother and father.


JN said...

Yeah for Virginia! We would LOVE to go to Williamsburg someday. Isn't the East just blooming with beauty right now?!

eric + ashlee said...

That is so funny that you went to Virginia, we must have just barely missed each other!

PixelFish said...

Nice shots of Uncle Wally and Aunt Diane. They're looking good. :)

It's weird how much I miss the extended fam sometimes. Well, not weird, but there's something that tugs on my heartstrings seeing the kids of my cousins all together as cousins themselves.

Looks like a lovely trip.