Friday, May 1, 2009

When Being a Mom is Just Plain Hard

It's been a week of snot, tears, barf, and suffering for little Persy. When we returned from our trip to Williamsburg she was in a rather sad state and things only got worse until we met with the doctor and learned that in addition to a fever, coughing and stuffed up nose, she also had been plagued with 2 gnarly ear infections. Ouch!

I think one of the most challenging aspects of motherhood is taking care of a sick child and watching them suffer. I hate that I can't explain why she must take the syrupy antibiotic that makes her gag, or that she thinks I'm torturing her when I drop pain medicine into her ear. I hate the worry, concern and lack of sleep. It's hard to know that this is just one ailment among many that she will have to face in her life.

Despite a full week of misery, I still find much to appreciate. I love that my child looks to me for comfort, (doesn't she know how clueless I still am?) I love the extra snuggles and rocking. I appreciate the way I've been left to contemplate the Lord's own love for me and how He must hate watching me suffer in life as well.

Hopefully we can put all this bodily discharge behind us soon and I can share the fun experiences that Persy and I had on vacation. Until then, wish me luck!


Minda said...

I'm so sorry. She definitely came out the worst in the Cousin Germ Exchange.

The Miller Family said...

I'm so sorry Persey has been sick, it is no fun! Lucy had a ruptured eardrum last month so I can totally relate to all the drops and medicine. I hope she gets feeling better.