Saturday, May 30, 2009

Remember When . . . .

Last night Gabe and I went to a Bees game with Persephone. I look at this photo from last year and can't believe how far she's come. We were feeling hesitant about taking her, since her bedtime is around 7:00 p.m. and she's turned into a rather wiggly child. I'm so glad we did though, because we had a blast as a family. The whole night Persy was clapping her hands, dancing to the music, and making friends with other fans in the stadium. She eagerly smacked her lips when Gabe shared "Dippin' Dots," and seemed to enjoy all the people watching.

The highlight of the night was the fireworks display. We really didn't think Persy would make it until the end of the game, but were so surprised by her pleasant behavior. She was absolutely mesmerized by the fireworks. She watched wide-eyed and then would clap her hands and look at us to make sure we weren't missing the spectacle. She kept reaching her hands out the try and grab the fireworks out of the sky. I know that all children do cute things like that, and our experience as parents is not completely unique, but that doesn't change the fact that when Gabe and I experience these things with Persy we are just delighted. We both feel like we're experiencing life again for the first time. I knhow that someday this pigtailed little cutie will pack her bags, and head off for college. Gabe and I will go back to having adventures on our own, but I know that the moments we are having today will be the ones that will start us talking about "Remember when. . . ."

Here are some recent pictures of our summer activities:


Missy said...

I'm impressed she made it through to the end! I don't even have the attention span for a whole game. She is getting so big, what a fun time for you and Gabe.

Himni said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the moments. They really do go quickly. I've been trying to tell myself lately to stop waiting for the next milestone and live and enjoy each day as it comes, but that's easier said than done sometimes.