Friday, June 5, 2009

Summer Joy

Just a few things on my to-do list this summer:

* Go to a few more Bees games with Gabe and indulge in the guilty pleasure of an All-Star Dog
* Spend a few days in Sun Valley. Peruse the fun bookstores, rent bikes, eat at Kneaders.
* Meet up with friends at my 10 year high school reunion
* Organize a party for Gabe's 30th birthday
* Spend a long weekend with extended family at a cabin in West Yellowstone. See Old Faithful, cross my fingers for a bear or moose sighting, go fishing, laugh a lot.
* Take a fencing class
* Finish my course on Ancient Egypt
* Harvest my first home grown tomatoes
* Go to the Shakespeare festival in Cedar City
* Roast S'mores
* Spend plenty of time at the Farmer's Market sampling artisan cheeses, eating figs, and people watching
* Get soaked in a rainstorm
* Run my legs off while training for the St. George Marathon
* Do an overnighter with my girlfriends
* Plan an "Amazing Race" event with my friends. Film the craziness.
* Conclude the summer with a family trip to San Diego. Walk along the beach.


The Miller Family said...

When are you going to Sun Valley? Sean and I are headed up there for some Utah Bar Convention (or something like that) in July; if that's the same thing you guys are headed up for the girls should get together while the boys go do lawyer stuff.

Autumn said...

Wow-You're going to be busy. What fun!