Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Last Visit

Warning: Whiny content ahead . . .

I have spent the morning preparing for one final home visit from our case worker. We have been assigned a new case worker, so I've felt pressured to get the house white glove ready again for fear that any errant crumbs could incriminate me. I have enjoyed most aspects of our adoption but the very idea that we are still under surveillance irritates me. I found the whole approval process for the adoption a little invasive. In addition to the endless paperwork, we had doctor's appointments, background checks, and interviews where we were asked everything from how we were disciplined as children to questions about our sex lives. Um. . . excuse me? I could not be happier with our child, but I'm ready for the state to stop treating us like trial parents.


KingM said...

The precautions do seem to be over the top, especially considering how many obviously unsuitable parents go on having children year after year. It must be frustrating to deal with bureaucratic nonsense that insists on treating you like trial parents.

Ben and Missy said...

Oh Wendee darling
You have nothing to worry about! I'm sure you impressed the pants off of them.