Sunday, September 7, 2008

When Wasps Attack!

On Friday, Gabe and I saw the musical "Big River" at the Tuacahn Theater in St. George. The theater is outdoors and we found ourselves being pestered by a particularly aggressive wasp. It wasn't long before I got stung. By the end of the show the sting on my finger had swelled to the size of a Polish Sausage. Making matters worse, was the fact that I had been stung on my ring finger. My wedding band began to act as a sort of Tournecut, cutting off circulation. I spent Saturday and Sunday examining the juicy apendage and grimly imagining my finger being amputated. Without a ring finger I would never be able to learn how to fiddle, (a secret ambition,) which means I would never travel the world in a bluegrass band! Luckily for me, the swelling has subsided today and all is well. Lesson learned: If you get stung on the finger by a wasp, quickly remove all your rings!

Side Note: "Big River" was fabulous! I just loved the music and thought it was a fun adaptation of Mark Twain's novel. Because the production was outside, they were able to flood the stage and make a real river!

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eric + ashlee said...

Sounds fun, minus the sausage finger. You guys sure go to a lot of musicals/concerts/plays. Do you have season tickets or something? Eric and I love that sort of stuff. It is also good news to see that once you have your little one you can still go on dates. Something I have wondered about...