Thursday, September 25, 2008

What I love about Fall

1. The crunch of leaves under my feet
2. Sipping hot chocolate with loads of whipped cream from any of the local cafes
3. Rainy Fall days
4. Driving through the canyon
5. Visiting my parents and the smell of grape juice being bottled
6. Crisp mornings and sunnny afternoons
7. The season return of my favorite show, "The Office"
8. Planning my Christmas gift giving
9. My birthday
10. Baking more cookies, bread and soup
11. The start of a new Symphony season
12. Watching children walking to and from school
13. Putting away summer clothes in favor of snuggly warm sweaters
14. Sales on school supplies
14. October LDS General Conference
15. How cute Persy looks in PJs and a beanie cap!


Himni said...

That's just ridiculously cute! Our baby is hardly a baby anymore the way he runs around flashing his goofy teeth.

Anonymous said...

I can agree with you on many of those statements...especially the last. Your baby is too cute for words!