Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beaver Utah has the Best Bathrooms

We drove all over the state this last weekend visiting friends and family in Logan, and Springville. We also drove to St. George where Gabe had a deposition. Persy did great in the car and the entire trip was without incident except for one major diaper blow out involving nearly 8 wet wipes and a handy Tide-to-go pen. I felt like I was truly being initiated into the motherhood club! Thankfully we were at a really snazzy truck stop in Beaver, Utah of all places. I gave Persy a good wet wipe rub down and then took the entire car seat to be washed and quick dried under the powerful bathroom hand dryer. Here are some pictures from our visits with family, (there were no pictures of the diaper incident! :)

Family picture taken near pond at Wendy's parent's house

In Grandpa's hammock

4 Generations of Wendy's Family

4 Generations of Gabe's Family


eric + ashlee said...

Persephone is so hip already at this age?? I love all the cute clothes. The family picture of you guys is adorable. I can't believe how small she looks compared to Gabe's arm!

Benson's said...

Those pictures are so cute. She looks so cute in that dress. What a cute, happy family:) I am glad everything went well.

FrenchFamily said...

I love how she is color coordinated with your outfit! Oh the fun things you can do with a girl. She looks so tiny! What a cute little family!

KingM said...

What nice pictures, although you will soon come to live in terror of that pond, as do the rest of us. :)

Ben and Missy said...

Oh! That picture of you two together on the hammock is just darling! She looks like a little doll!