Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Showered with Love

I've had a couple of showers this month with friends and co-workers. I have been amazed with how generous everyone has been. It has been a blast to see everyone and introduce Persy. Gabe and I are very, very blessed to have so many people that care about us. (Note: I also had a wonderful shower from my dear book club friends and I foolishly forgot to take pictures. Thanks to Sharon for hosting!)

Melia and Julia

Shower with girlfriends at P.F. Chang's

Rebecca and Melia

Some library friends Eboni, Abbie, Dane (Not all of my library friends are shown because I know some of them are potentially blog shy.)

Big Balloons from library shower


Benson's said...

That is so nice that people have been so nice! It is amazing how loving people can be!

Autumn said...

I cherish a very wonderful memory of when you and Ericka came to visit me in the hospital after Michael was born. I am thrilled that others are being so loving and thoughtful to you. You definately deserve it.