Sunday, July 20, 2008

The People Magnet

This little girl is a people magnet! My favorite part of our resent trip to Sun Valley was simply walking around with Persephone. Everywhere we went we got stopped by strangers asking how old she is, and her name, exclaiming how tiny/cute/delicate she looks. My favorite comment came from a five-year-old girl I met, who admired how she looked like a little doll and then exclaimed, "Oh, She looks like she's pretending to be dead!" I've seriously never felt so famous! I highly recommend getting one of these if you want to instantly make friends with strangers.


Himni said...

Your post reminds me of when we were in Santiago. S was at a very charming age, and she had that bright blonde hair that really made her stand out down there. We had strangers approaching us so often, sometimes wanting to take here picture. Speaking of which, that's a great picture of Persy.

PixelFish said...

Cute grin there. :)

FrenchFamily said...

She is so cute and she looks like such a sweet baby. And the people magnet gets worse! It's real fun when your two year old decides to talk to random people and tell them really random things! It can be a bit awkward at times! Like yesterday, Jackson was telling everyone in my doctor's office that he had seen a ghost, and he was a mad, mean ghost....I just said "UH....I don't know where he gets this stuff!" But it makes for fun stories!!