Sunday, July 13, 2008

One Wonderful Month

It has been one happy and exciting month since we brought Persy into our family. I just can’t adequately describe how rewarding this experience has been, (and continues to be day after day.) I love being a mother and I feel overjoyed that we were able to be blessed through the miracle of adoption. Going through the adoption process has really strengthened my faith and testimony of the Savior. I feel like I have a greater understanding of how much the Lord loves us and cares about each of us. When we found out that we had been chosen to be the parents of Persephone I felt such a warm sense of our Heavenly Father’s love not only for us, but for our daughter. I really know that he has a plan for her life.


KingM said...

It's amazing how much older she looks already. I hope we get the chance to meet her in person before too long.

Jord said...

What a neat experience. We have some close friends who are just finishing their adoption papers and are looking forward to having a baby someday too. We're so glad for you guys!